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 All orders are made to order and hand printed by yours truly, due to limited quantity this product is not eligible for returns nor exchanges.

Each sock is hand printed by Lion and displays The Lion Heart made in the USA symbol on the toe, and the same graphic on both sides of the sock, representing Lion's Rural wear collection, based on her upcoming album Glory West II.

They are calf high, with a little extra material on the sole of the socks that provides the right amount of comfort. "I am outside a lot, working and adventuring and these socks feel perfect on my feet in my boots"

Size: One size fits pretty much everyone (9~11)

Will fit as small as a woman's size 7 shoe and as large as a Mens size 12 shoe size.


With extra cushion on the pad of the foot and a lighter knit on the top, this sock is sure to keep your feet dry and comfortable without crowding your foot. The mid-height on the rib can be worn either pulled up or scrunched down for a more causal fit, the foldover hem will make sure it stays put. A deep Y-Gusset makes the heel deeper to assure it won't drift during the day.

This product is 100% Made in U.S.A. and NAFTA compliant. Made in South Central, Los Angeles.

• Unisex
• Made in U.S.A.
• Crew Sock

79% Cotton
20% Nylon
1% Spandex

* All Sales Final. No Returns or Exchanges Allowed.