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[PRE-ORDER] Glory West II Live Album Vinyl Record (Ships Aug 28th 2023)

$30.00 USD

This is a limited edition Vinyl Record of the live version of my album Glory West II. Signed by all three band members of The Lion Heart band.

Pre-orders begin on May 1st and will continue to be active through the release date which is August 28th. All vinyls will ship out on August 28th. Please allow at least 5 to 10 days after the ship date to expect to receive your vinyl order. 

The track list includes our most recent live set list:

Side A: 1. Desert Boots II 2. Dangerous Man 3. Outlaws & Engines

Side B: 4. Marry Him 5. Westy Lullaby 6. Send That Ca$h

Produced recorded and arranged by The Lion Heart, Jonathan Burx and Kenny Ramirez in Los Angeles CA 2023

Album Cover photography provided by Ken Pappanduros, center label art by Redknife


Due to the nature of this item each record is made to order and there will be no returns or refunds on this item prior to the ship date. If when you do receive your vinyl and it arrives damaged in anyway, (which hasn't happened ever thank God) be sure to email me right away and I'll be sure to get you out a new copy, with proof of damage (photo). Thanks for your continued support and for helping us bring Glory to the West! God bless & Glory West!!