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[PREORDER] Glory West II 12'' Vinyl Record (JAN 12th 2023)

$30.00 USD

PREORDER my new 10 track album 'GLORY WEST II' on 12'' Vinyl. The vinyl features 10 original tracks composed mixed and mastered by The Lion Heart. This is Lion's second Westy album following her first debut album 'Glory West.' 

SHIPS OUT AFTER JANUARY 12TH 2023 which is the official album release date.

5 songs on each side:

(1.) The Stranger (2.) Desert Boots (3.) Outlaws x Engines (4.) Send the Ca$h (5.) Marry Him (6.) Dangerous Man (7.) Red Mans Prayer  (8.) Dawkee  (9.) Digital Ranger  (10.) Westy Lullaby

I wanted to bring to life my love for the West and cinematic compositions into something tangible that you could physically grasp. Perfect to add to your own vinyl collection, or maybe I'd have the honor of being the first Vinyl you own, either way I pray my music brings glory into your life and into your home.


*This item is not Eligible for return nor exchange!*