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What We Do!

FLAR Entertainment is an Independent record label founded in 2015 by Brandon Paul and Sommer Cooks. "We are a record label created by artists for artists!"

We champion creative freedom where we believe artist development is a vital key to the artists success. We were fed up with how major record companies were treating their artists. Many artists have had to compromise their sound, integrity and even their freedom in order to gain success, and we wanted to create a safe haven where aspiring creatives could express their art without the bondage of a crooked 360 deal. Too many friends we were associated with were experiencing horror stories with labels they were tied to and had wished they had never signed a deal. We saw a need in the industry, so thats why we started FLAR Entertainment. We are a label created by artists for artists. Yes it wasn’t always easy, starting a business from the ground up, having to build our own connections and resources from scratch. Yet we are so proud that we decided to create FLAR ENT. The most fulfilling thing about running our own label is being able to help so many artists achieve their dream without having to compromise. We want people to know that you can achieve success in whatever you love doing, just don’t forget to giveback along the way. Because your wealth isn’t measured by your monetary value, yet rather by the lives you change for the better.